Phaon Longdraw

Phaon is a lanky man in his late twenties with an easy gait and soft step. His hair may have once been black, but a lifetime under the skies and rains of Levita have permanently added a red tinge to it.


Phaon is somewhat lanky, the long expeditions in the lands surrounding the town as a youth forged a lean and wiry build rather than the solid bulk common among farmer and laborers. His shoulder-length hair is dark, almost black except for the red tinge bestowed by a lifetime of acid rain. His eyes are gray but often borrow colors from their surroundings. He smiles easily but modesty. Unlike many scouts who seek solace even when in town, Phaon earnestly enjoys the company of his companions and fellow townsfolk, inquiring about their well being, needs and new developments regularly.

While no one that know him would describe Phaon as jovial he does easily maintain the balanced gregariousness of a leader who wants to deeply understand and connect with his people. That small part of himself he does keep apart from others is what he sees as necessary to make the “hard” decisions that keep the town and its tenuous existence going.

Phaeon doesn’t dress extravagantly but his few possessions are of the best quality he can find and kept in immaculate condition. Even his person seems to shed dirt and odor of it’s own accord. As a child he suffered much teasing for his ears which have a noticeable taper to their points; playmates claimed they had been gnawed on by cannibalistic raiders (not true).

Phaon is rarely seen without his bow even when in the safety of town. Because there are no trees and thus no wood in Levita, this powerful weapon is crafted from the stiff fibers of the ever-present fungi and cartilaginous sinews of the worms, much in the manner a composite bows of the real world.


Phaon is highly perceptive, not only to dangers but the needs and conditions of “his people”. He is eager to see the community grow in a productive manner, and has long championed for immigration and recruitment (he himself is the sole child of a pair of first-generation immigrants). Phaon secretly admires those with musical and artistic gifts as he has never been able to master those talents himself.

Phaon is deeply interested in society building, law, civil projects and anything that might help the town advance from its small, sustainable level to a full-fledged city-state. He is quick to examine new ideas and concepts to see how they can be incorporated or modified for the betterment of his community.

Phaon Longdraw

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