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Long ago Lucin was riven with war, a world filled with corruption and moral decay. Men fought for personal gain, nations fought for prosperity, not poverty. That is, until the outsiders came.

The outsiders were unable to breathe the methane-poor air and so moved on, leaving only their parting wisdom. Their word was left in the Book of Three, handed to man in his darkest hour, that he might one day rise above the shadow of his baser self.

A treatise was sworn across the globe and peace reigned for nearly 250 cycles. Man built wonders rivaling the stars in their beauty, reached the very foundations of the sciences, and all but touched the feet of their gods. But for all their peace, all their introspective development, when they finally cast their eyes out upon the stars, dismay there met them with eyes as cold as the void.

What they saw that fateful day was an asteroid large enough to eclipse the very sun they worshiped. Eos, the sun god, turned her back on the race of man, and left him at the mercy of the comet Helios. Man, peaceful as he had been for a dozen generations, had left his warring heritage hidden in an all but forgotten library buried under a mountain of molten lead.

The comet Helios struck Lucin with enough force to shatter the mantle, sending gargantuan chunks of geography into a shallow orbit. The orbital body known as Lucin was split into four unequal parts. Three continents remained floating in the heavens, Levita, Aenimus, and Venefica. The remaining core of Lucin, Medius hangs suspended between the three continents, spewing volcanic gases into the Inner Atmosphere.

However, despite the destruction of the surface, the quick thinking Technomancer’s Guild was able to harness the power of the meteor and built a Gravitic Flux Matrix to gap the distance between the increasing orbit of the continents. After only a year, construction was complete, and the degenerative orbit was stabilized.

Unfortunately, the extreme conflict between Eltromagniflux discharge and Gravitic Dampener Feedback caused devastating arrays of purple lightning to arc miles across the gaps. The lightning destroyed much of the remaining flora, as the only place it had proper oxygenation to grow was in the chasms.

Shortly thereafter the Technomancer’s Guild disappeared with the Book of Consius, foreswearing to help their fellow man through the dark years ahead.


Modern civilization is split across the three major continents with little travel between. Most travel between is for trade purposes only, but some wealthier underfolk travel for more profitable reasons. Civilization depends on which continent you are on, for instance…


Levita is a well populated chunk of desert and lava fields, trade is consistent, raiders are kept to a minimum by roving patrols. Levita is considered to be as close to safe as a traveler could hope for, still, I wouldn’t sleep alone by the roadside.


... Unknown


... Undocumented


... I dare you to find out…

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